For Miamen quality is not just a word, but the outcome of a long-standing tradition in which culture and history are interwoven with style and taste, in the quest for excellence, professionalism, quality and reliability.
This is why all Miamen collections are produced with total attention to detail, to guarantee that every garment is perfect; because they are made by highly skilled craftsmen, well-versed in the tradition of fine tailoring, who constantly strive to achieve the utmost in quality.

Miamen use the finest fabrics, most of the weaves and patterns are often exclusive, for products that are always innovative, of the utmost quality and brimming with creativity, with truly distinctive features of the Miamen products.
We combine leading edge technology with sophisticated manual skills accumulated from tailoring experience and ongoing, in-depth training performed by the company in-house.

Which is why, for over a decade, Miamen has been an ambassador for world class products, experimentation, innovation and experience, are bound together indissolubly in the creation of superior quality collections that express a priceless style and craftsmanship.